Autumn Tones



As the leaves start to fall, and the jumpers emerge from the wardrobe we start preparing for the coldness of winter. I noticed this week the subliminal transition of the season has infiltrated into my recent design selections. My last two colour schemes incorporated an array of gold,orange and brown tones, with the hope of blue sky mixed into a navy hue.

The interior look is warm and comfortable with  a splash of navy, highlighted by the warm glow of orange.

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An example of an Interior using the classic relaxed colours of Autumn. The style  represents  soft brown tones with  copper hues finished with crisp white detail. The style is relaxed, warm and stylish.

bedroom-1807837_1920 (2)

The colour of autumn is represented in the warmth of interior brick work. Decadent highlights of gold embrace the richness of contemporary tiles. To add a small essence of autumn tones use cushions and fabrics in the colour of the season.

For more inspiration follow our Pinterest boards  “Autumn Tones” & “Colour Pallette”


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Leanne Crawshaw is a qualified Interior Designer, with experience in commercial, workplace, medical, retail and Residential design, an also an Educator. Leanne would like to share with you her design addiction and help you to achieve the designer look in your home without the breaking the bank.

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